For High-Ticket Service Providers Who Want To Turn Their Business Into A Systemized Machine...

Hiring The Top 1% Of Fully Trained Virtual Assistants Just Got Easier.

Plug and play proven processes, leverage fully-trained virtual assistants 
and scale your business fast.

As a business owner, your goal is to stop trading your time for money... but it's not easy, is it? 

Still, hustling every single day struggling to keep up with the demands of your business?

Manually onboarding clients, posting on social media, sending emails, or building funnels are definitely things you should NOT be spending your time on. 
  • Things slip through the cracks
  • It's not in your zone of genius
  • Burnout and overwhelm become unavoidable

Do you think hiring, training, and finding a new virtual assistant is intimidating?

Most people get hiring wrong when it comes to virtual assistants or have to go through hiring multiple VA's to find the right one.

Where do you find someone that you can trust to do what you say, not let things slip through the cracks and execute on high-quality work that you’ve been doing up until now? 
  • Are clients going to be satisfied?
  • Am I going to have to spend all day communicating this project? 
  • Am I going to have to do this myself?

It can be frustrating and overwhelming to know how to communicate, have unmet expectations, and re-do work.


Hire An "A-player" VA To Work In Your Business So You Can Work On It!

Don't Put Yourself Through The Hassle Of Posting Job Descriptions, Interviewing And Training A New Team Member, We've Done That For You. 


Describe Your Project Or Process 

We've found, hired, and fully-trained our virtual assistants in every area of the business, high-ticket service providers need to DELEGATE. 
  • "I want to set up and delegate social media."
  • ​"I want to set up and delegate lead generation."
  • "I want to set up and delegate my funnels & email automation."
  • ​"I want to someone to handle customer support and manage my clients." 
  • ​"I need someone to edit videos and design some graphics."
  • ​"I need someone to manage my team and help me out."

Getting back 5, 10, 20hrs of your time per week has never been easier!

"We brought on an A-player and doubled our MRR in 60 days., and I was able to take 10 days completely off."

Dylan Hey

Founder Of Go-Hey Digital


Get Paired With Your Perfect "VA-player" Virtual Assistant

Our A-players are trained in six specific skills inside your business: 
  • Social Media
  • ​Lead Generation
  • ​Funnel Building & Email Marketing
  • ​Customer Success & Client Management
  • ​Video Editing & Design 
  • ​Operations Business Manager

Never Feel Like You Have To Do Everything Again!

"We brought on a few A-players and increased our profit margins by 20%."


Founder Of Veza Digital 


Plug & Play Done For You Processes And Step Away From The Day To Day

Have your new VA swipe and deploy our done for you templates, processes, and systems right into your business. The exact same ones we've used to generate multiple 7-figures online. 
  • Are you stuck generating leads, setting sales appointments, and closing new clients consistently? 
  • Are your business operations a mess, causing long stress full days of task checking? 
  • ​Are you constantly stuck in fulfillment and never able to bring on new clients because your back or business would break?

We have a system you can set up ASAP!

"We've Done Multiple 7-Figures Working With Our Virtual Assistants, Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way"

Gerard Adams

Founder LeadersCreateLeaders


Get Accountability On Both Sides 

We have a management team in place to make sure on-boarding, output and project deadlines are met to your satisfaction. 
  • Our team holds your Va's accountable.
  • Never worry about your VA ghosting you
  • Never worry about time zones or language barriers
  • Never have to think about if something is done right
"I probably could have done it myself but it would have taken me forever to figure out this stuff on my own. We've added 5-figures in MRR because of it." 

Julian Tilliotson

Founder Of Indirap


Leverage Live Support 

Go Live With Our Team Every Week To Learn How To Delegate And Keep Your Business Running Smoothly.

An entrepreneur alone is an entrepreneur at risk.
Imagine rubbing shoulders with business owners from around the world with the same passion and practical mindset as you?
  • We will sharpen your ability to delegate
  • We will train you on leadership and management
  • We will answer your questions and give live feedback on the exact steps we took to delegate all our business processes
  • ​Stop making scaling complicated. Simplify it.
"We've taken action and built a $100,000k a month business because of it. It's simple and it's scalable. 

Mike Sherrard

Founder Of Social Agent Academy

Case Studies

Reverse Engineering The Results Of 8-Figures In Client Revenue...

Click Play ☝️

• $20k/month to $48k/mo
• Working 50% less with
   2x more profit!

Dylan Hey

Founder, Go Hey Digital 

"The first thing that I would say is that Brian is an incredible human being and working with Brian has been the best investment, we've made probably ever since setting up our business.

So when we started working with Brian, we are a PPC agency we run paid advertising campaigns, specifically for SAS and b2b software companies or solutions where my experience was when it came to mine we were doing 18,000, euros or 17,000 euros in monthly recurring revenue. So I don't know exactly what those dollars maybe like 20,000 or 22 maybe it's pretty close. 

And then within three weeks I think it was we reached 30,000, and then just this month. 

In October, we've done 38,000 euros in monthly recurring, and our objective is to be at 50,000 monthly recurring by the end of December. Which we hit.

And so before working with Brian I was very involved in day to day work at a small team as well. But Brian came in and it's helped us really just rebuild the business in terms of how we operate so we built very firm operational structure now we've hired a project manager who's working for us and doing amazing. 

And it's enable us to start to growing and bring on more clients you can see my revenue growth over three four weeks and now from the more importantly it's enabling me to step out of basic business tasks and maybe start to focus on how I can actually show up as a leader for my team, and how I can work from my zone of genius which is continued our marketing or in client acquisition etc. 

And so, to show you how this works. I'm in Mexico right now. I'm using your live entirely in the studio. 

And I was completely offline for the last 10 days with zero Wi Fi.

 I was doing an iOS plant medicine, with training, and I was able to do that for my team with everything, so no issues I didn't even need it to be honest, there's like two things that I had to deal with and I came back with very minimal, and it's made me realize that processes are at the heart of everything to grow and build out a successful business and the agencies specifically. 

And once you have those nailed growth is like very very simple and straightforward and they were still going through the process of nailing all those processes and but we've made great progress already.

 So um yeah Brian is incredible."
$26k/month to $60k/mo in ONLY 60 days!

Stefan Katanic

Founder, Veza Digital

"Before joining the program I was getting some consistent income and had a small team helping with fulfillment. 

I knew I needed a better way to service these clients and scale my sales process. 

That's when I found Brian and his accelerator.

The program helped me create processes for generating leads, closing them, and systemizing service delivery that allowed me to create more predictability in my income.

Once I implemented these systems and leveraged the Va's I was able to step back and work on the business. 

In the first 60 days of joining the program, I was able to go from $26,000 months to consistent $60,000+ months.

If you're doing well in your business, but are struggling with inconsistent leads, cashflow and/or inefficiencies, this program can help you fix those problems.

The group accelerator calls, accountability and virtual assistants have played a huge role in scaling our company Veza Digital. 

I can't thank the team enough."


Apply To Work With Our Team

And Have Your Business Running Like a Smooth Assembly Line

No Hype. No B.S. No Shiny Objects.

Our Va's Go Through 25 Hours Of Training To Help You Implement The Systems Needed To Scale The 5 Core Divisions Of Business.

 Generate a steady influx of new clients, deliver an incredible service (without doing it yourself), and delegate the day to day to a fully trained VA. 

Never Have Another Inconsistent Month Again. Always Have Complete Clarity On What To Do Next.

Phase #1 - PRODUCT: We help you AUTOMATE your on-boarding and delivery processes so you can get your clients results, retaining them for life.

Phase #2 - SALES: We help you set up REPEATABLE sales processes so you generate an influx of leads for your team to close.

Phase #3 - MARKETING: We help you set up PREDICTABLE funnels, ads, email sequences and social content so you can attract ideal clients to your offers.

Phase #4 - OPERATIONS: We help you DELEGATE to your team the outcomes and objectives you need to hit so you can work on the business.

Phase # 5 - FINANCE: We help you TRACK your critical numbers and KPIs to ensure high-profit margins so you can have consistent month over month growth.

Our Clients
are getting insane results and FAST...

Our Team Of Virtual Assistants Are Skilled In These 6 Core Areas Of Business

Social Media

Responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales. 

Lead Generation

Prospecting, qualifying and generating new sales leads to support the business.

Operations Business Manager

High-level executives responsible for overseeing a company's activities to ensure maximum profit. This can involve overseeing marketing strategies, ensuring customer satisfaction, or managing a company or department's budgeting and spending.

Client Success

Client success may vary depending on the business or industry. Helps increase client retention, establishes client relationships, and Supervise/Develop client success teams.

Funnels & Email & Membership Sites

Provides technical support to create applications and pages to increase productivity and optimize performance.

Design & Video

Provides creating complex graphics, animation and live video content for a diverse array of media. Establishes and implements design and format standards and processes to produce consistent and high quality results.

Want to hire the top 1% of Va's?

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On this meeting we will:
  • Understand exactly which VA's you need on your team
  • The SOPS and Processes our Va's can implement into your business
  • How you can delegate and ensure high-quality work
  • ​How you can get back up to 30 hrs per week of your time

Apply To Work With Our Team  - "Why The Application?" Because We Want To Make Sure It's The Highest And Best Use Of Everyones Time.


You're One Virtual Assistant Away From Stepping 
Out Of The Day To Day And Scaling The Right Way

No more long nights, no more headaches, no more "hustle". Start delegating your business properly leveraging A-players. 

  • Personalized VA's
  • Plug and Play Processes
  •  Group Support Calls Every Single Week

Does Hiring Sound Stressful?

Don't Worry It's Simple, Straightforward, And Proven To Work. Plus Our Team Will Be There Every Step Of The Way. 

You get mentored by 7-figure business owners on how to scale your business processes and delegate to a team that can run it for you. 

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